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Austria Geothermal Building Well

The new MC 14 used in Austrian for a geotechnical engineering project.

This compact and powerful drilling rig in the 16-ton weight class, one of the mainstays of the Comacchio MC series, has gone through a ground up redevelopment process based on the introduction of a new patented undercarriage. The new MC 14 features an innovative undercarriage offering enhanced stability and manoeuvrability on uneven ground while keeping the rigs width within a minimum of 1800 mm. The rig also features a new fully articulated mast and boom design system allowing the rig to cover a wider range of working positions in extremely small spaces, including front-the-wall drilling on the side of the tracks within minimum distance from the wall face. Thanks to the powerful engine providing up to 142 kW power, the MC 14 can perform the full spectrum of drilling technologies, with a special focus on demanding heavy-duty applications such as double head drilling (both in rotary/rotary mode and rotary/rotary-percussion mode) and is ideally suited for the construction of foundations, retaining structures and earthworks in challenging ground conditions.